From the age of 18, I have spent my life in public service. After graduation from high school in 2004, I decided to serve our country by joining the military. I served for 9 1/2 years in the US Navy where I received accolades for my hard work and outside-the-box thinking. I completed 3 deployments aboard submarines and worked in communications, as an electronics technician, and as a Radioman.

Soon after receiving an honorable discharge from the military, I came back to Medford and was elected to the City Council in 2014. I have always served in a way that I wish my elected officials would serve. I am open, honest, transparent, and available. I work to ensure that questions get answered, and that everyone gets a seat at the table. As your State Senator, I will work to pass progressive legislation, and allow citizens to be better informed about the discussions happening in our capitol.

I live in Medford with my wife of 11 years, Casey, and we raise our young daughter Riley. I have worked at ACCESS, the Community Action Agency of Jackson County, where I assisted in housing homeless veterans.